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About Mukta Muge


Mukta was introduced to yoga in Istanbul (2009) after she was diagnosed with a ‘low volume lung disorder’ caused by exposure to second hand smoke during childhood.

She earned her instructor certification through the Yoga Alliance and began teaching Hatha yoga in various studios. Along the way, she attended Dr. Omanandji’s Yoga Therapy workshop and left the studio ‘pain free’ of a sciatica nerve problem that had affected her for more than 10 years. On her following mensural cycle, she practiced Dr. Omanandji’s yoga therapy sequence for period cramps and menstruation problems and experienced immediate relief. She shared the teachings with some of her students and everyone had a beneficial experience. She traveled to his Institute in India (Paramanand Yoga) to re-take the 200 hour teacher training program and continued with another 300 hour yoga therapy teacher training program. Her spiritual name is “Maa Mukta Anand", which means “Liberated Bliss” was given to her by her guru in the ashram in India.

When she returned to Turkey, she began reaching out to doctors, midwives, gynecologists, doulas, yoga therapists and began working with Dr. Iskit (Viniyoga Practitioner / Yoga Therapy and Prenatal Yoga Instructor) on an ongoing Cardiology Yoga Program and prenatal yoga program at Memorial Hospital. During this time, she completed her prenatal/postnatal yoga training as well as another 50 hour yoga therapy training for special groups like heart, cancer, depression, scoliosis etc. Currently, Mukta is in the process of acquiring a Yoga Therapy for Trauma Recovery certification and also completing Paul Grilley’s Tao Vinyasa training.

After ten years of experience, she is a passionate yoga teacher who has developed her own way of teaching. She teaches yoga in the style of Hatha Yoga Therapy and integrate many exercises of mindfulness into her sessions ; combining meditation, Kundalini, breathing and TaiChi.

She is a member of Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists.